With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in the solar control industry, SolarFree Window Film shines above the competition.  As a modern day pioneer, we continually lead the industry with our advancements in solar control technologies and innovative products.  As a driving force in the international film community, we pride ourselves in our relentless dedication to a higher company practice, non-compromising commitment to customer service and passion for the pursuit of excellence.



Leading the race in window film nano-technology, our products utilize the most advanced carbon pigmentation, yeilding the best clarity and outlook in today's market. Combined with our high heat rejecting element, SolarFree users can enjoy the best performing window film with style, making our company and products’ value, second to none.

Being an industry leader doesn’t mean we hang up our lab coats and call it a day. Our research and development technicians are working around the clock to facilitate the next era of film technology. We take upon ourselves, the responsibility to pave new roads and lay the foundation of evolution for generations to come.



With convenient locations throughout the nation, SolarFree makes it easy for dealers to get their products delivered on time. While other manufactures have limited shipping options to the other side of the country, SolarFree’s network of federal supply chains and distribution branches makes SolarFree a breeze to work with. With a focus on delivery efficiency, you’d be glad to have SolarFree on your side!